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Disruptive Lean Six Sigma

According to a Wall Street Journal Article by Charkravorty, Lean Six Sigma has failed to produce desired results over 60 % of the time. This world wide methodology promoting “Breakthrough Innovation “ has been around over two decades and yet the very principles of LSS have never been applied to the methodology itself.

Having been hired by the Six Sigma creator , Dr Mikel Harry, to train the world's first Black Belts and Master Black Belts at numerous Fortune 500 companies including General Electric, Sony..., I have concluded that potentially millions of executives and employees around the world have been under-served, overlooked and disenfranchised because the traditional LSS approach has relied too heavily on complex statistics, acronym paralysis, over use of Japanese terms and examples.

It is time we apply Disruptive Innovation to the LSS methodology especially for executives , yellow belts and green belts. Taking the lead from Dr Mikel Harry’s new Book, The Great Discovery, and at the request of one of the top 10 largest cities in the US, we have created a radically new curriculum based on the following:

  1. Personal, leadership, and cultural development;

  2. More emphasis on critical thinking and basic problem solving

  3. Expanding the Define phase of DMAIC to include heavy emphasis on Discovery of the optimal place to conduct an LSS project

  4. Motivating executives and LSS team members by estimating the cost of not changing, how much change is necessary, the cost of changing and the potential return on investment

  5. A powerful set of modern graphical analysis tools

  6. KPI vertical alignment

  7. A new methodology of Sequential Radical Positive Change

  8. Validation of existing IT data bases

  9. Proper documentation of intellectual capital.

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