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Radical Excellence

Radical Excellence

Our book, Radical Excellence, is a tool that any person and organization can put to use immediately. When applied, these radical strategies lead to the transformation of an organization's culture.


After 30 years of organizational excellence consulting on the front lines of TQM, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, we ask ourselves what is the next tsunami wave in terms of excellence initiatives. The answer came from a rigorous analysis on Lean Six Sigma. The most serious weakness found was an inadequate emphasis on personal excellence in light of the mounting threat of rapidly spreading narcissism. It doesn’t take much digging to realize that organizational narcissism has become a malignancy.
Since the heart of an organization is its culture composed of the hearts of all the employees and primarily influenced by the hearts of the leaders, we need more than a new excellence initiative. Radical Excellence consists of a Sequential Radical Positive Change strategy similar to that of the late Steve Jobs at Apple, but with a much deeper emphasis on developing the heart of the individual and the heart of the organization. This new strategy optimizes the synergy of personal and organizational excellence resulting in healthier relationships and stronger cultures. It is applicable for individuals from any type of organization to include for-profit, not-for-profit, athletics, government, education, military, churches, synagogues etc.
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