"I enjoyed a remarkable day of filming at Enchanted Springs Ranch. Amidst a historically accurate 1800’s setting, ranch owner Steve Schmidt brings an incredible spirit and talent to the experience of visitors. Steve’s history as an early pioneer in Six Sigma and other breakthrough initiatives used in businesses and organizations worldwide earned him a well regarded reputation as a highly respected change agent. I watched Steve do a phenomenal job coaching people through a wide variety of challenges and future ranch visitors should look forward to the experience."
Anthony Robbins
Author and Peak Performance Coach

"Dear Dr. Schmidt, You were extremely kind to think of me, and to send me a copy of your book. It will help me. I thank you." 
W. Edwards Deming, PhD
Consultant in Statistical Studies

"Dr. Steve Schmidt has been a cornerstone instructor of the Six Sigma Technical Institute, a 5-day course at Motorola University...He has very ably assisted Motorola University Six Sigma Quality Center in producing technical leaders."
Betty Crofton
Six Sigma Quality Center
Motorola University

“I am writing to thank you for the material on experimental design. Our student's liked Schmidt & Launsby's text very much. I plan to use it again next year."
Gordon Kaufman
Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I met Steve Schmidt when he was used as a consultant and teacher for GE’s Six Sigma quality improvement initiative. Steve is a great teacher, able to convey ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. He used straight-forward methods and tools aimed at radically improving organizational performance and achieving world-class goals. Key elements included understanding the present status, setting goals for the future, and then using an easy-to-follow methodology for achieving the goals. His focus was on how to achieve the goals, including leadership skills and management of the personal and cultural changes needed.

I was also impressed by how these methods and tools could be applied to a wide range of functions – services, transactions of all kinds, human resources, etc. – beyond manufacturing, where it was first used. With this wide applicability, Steve’s methods can transform an entire organization.” 
Norman Kuchar
Six Sigma Quality Leader (retired)
General Electric Global Research

“Radical Excellence ranks at the top of management leadership books. Start to finish, the book is a captivating eye-opener that challenges leaders to step away from mediocrity, rethink business as usual and embrace radical positive change. Not only is this a model for excellence, it’s a ticket to success in the rapidly changing world in which we now do business.” 
Sherry Buffington, PhD, Psychologist
Founder, Quantum Leap Systems, Inc.
Author of Exiting OZ and Power Shift

 “Radical Excellence is a powerful and unique approach for pursuing excellence. The authors address the enemy of excellence as personal and organizational narcissism and present a breakthrough strategy of Sequential Radical Positive Change as the ultimate weapon for victory. I highly recommend this book for any institution, organization or individual that seriously wants to achieve their full potential.”
Brig. Gen. Dan Litwhiler, USAF, Retired
Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences and
Former Vice Dean, USAF Academy

“These authors have given me a broad new perspective as a CEO and leader! It made me ‘flinch’ by facing my own leadership narcissism and understand the prevalence of it in prior organizations that caused systemic organizational culture and leadership failures. I have shared this book with other leaders and we are now embracing the concepts of Sequential Radical Positive Change in our organizations!”
Cathy Starnes, PhD
Enterprise Growth Officer
Wellmed Medical Management, Inc.

“If you think you have a healthy organization but find you are still spending time and money in meetings talking about making change happen, then you probably aren’t facing the hard truth. Just because the leader at the helm isn’t narcissistic, doesn’t mean there aren’t closet narcissists throughout your organization creating barriers to change. To make radical change, you must take a radical look at yourself and your organization. This book is a revolutionary and revealing read that will not only heal your organization, but also chart a course for World Class excellence. A must read for leaders, decision-makers, managers, and anyone else seeking personal or organizational excellence!” 
Annette E. Craven, PhD, Professor
DBA Program Director
University of the Incarnate Word
International Consultant/Facilitator for Strategic Planning

“Radical Excellence is unique. Business leaders everywhere are seeking that key element that strikes an accord and helps them travel the path towards greatness. World Class Leadership brings into alignment organizational development, strategic planning and project management in an innovative, pragmatic and effective way curiously overlooked by most business schools. I knew about these things before, but now I understand how they work together. This book will challenge your perspective on self and present you an opportunity to overhaul your organizational culture in a radical, positive way! It made me a better leader and a better person.”
John W. Hancock, DBA in process
Recent former student

“After the loss of a lovely and very ill step-daughter, I found my golden years were not so golden. I found myself lonely and feeling sorry for myself and unable to cope with my feelings. My husband buried himself volunteering in several interests he had become involved with, which left me way down on his radar. My relationship with him waned and our tie to one another seemed to be our daughter whom we loved and took care of for 37 years. The answer for me came in this book about narcissism. Being a small country girl, it was just a long word with no definition. After reading Radical Excellence I learned that the person who needed to change and the only person I could change was ME. The book taught me to be proud of the work my husband was doing and stop throwing wrenches in my marriage with sarcasm, snide remarks and being negative. I decided to pick myself up, be proud of us both and enjoy my golden years.”
Carol from Texas

"On behalf of the entire Statistics Division and the Fall Technical Conference sponsors, I want to thank you for your outstanding presentation...The course evaluations were exceptionally positive...Yours was one of the best FTC short courses ever, and will be hard to top in the future."
Conrad A. Fung
Chair, Statistics Division
American Society for Quality Control Center for Quality and Production Improvement

"Your course is one of the most insightful and appropriate life skills courses I’ve ever attended. I cannot overemphasize the impact that your course had on me and how useful and practical your training and instruction was. The course and accompanying written material are interlaced with highly applicable examples of real-life experiences – which makes your program so personal, enjoying and motivating."
Officer Jon W. Blanks
San Antonio International Airport Police

"Your message was on-target and motivating without being shallow or commercial. Our members appreciate a message that is science-based, and I don't believe they expected the message to be extrapolated into something they could use on a personal level. You accomplished our goal...send the attendees home with something to think about that will improve their professional lives. The personal ‘twist’ was a bonus!"
Melissa Eitzen
Society of Quality Assurance

"Steve excelled in his teaching abilities and as such was awarded the position of Tenured Associate Professor, achieved by only the top 13% of our faculty. He always had a great rapport with his students plus his courses were frequently audited by other instructors desiring to learn special topics from Steve. 

He became well known across the country and was frequently asked to deliver talks ...to many organizations to include the following: Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Defense Systems Management College, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, National Institute of Standards, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, National Aeronautical and Space Agency, Boeing, Rockwell, and Texas Instruments. The complete list is far too long to provide here. 

Steve is such an accomplished teacher that I even chose him to mentor my daughter. With Dr. Schmidt's assistance, my daughter has excelled in her statistical abilities and is successfully employed today by a major statistical software company. Dr. Schmidt also served as my Deputy Department Head and Director of Research where his efforts positively impacted the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, the State Department, and the United Nations for an estimated $100 million worth of return on investment." 
Daniel W. Litwhiler, Col, WSAF
Professor and Head
Department of Mathematical Science USAF Academy, Colorado

"Thank you for Basic Statistics: Tools for Continuous Improvement. The book is excellent. George Washington University will be adopting the text for its 1994 series of courses in Statistical Process Control."
Robert Reid
Robert Reid Associates, Inc.
Quality Management Consultants

"Thanks again for the stimulating training. We all enjoyed it very much and some of us have already tried to implement some aspects of the training in their work."
Halil Gultekin
Abbott Laboratories, R&D Germany

"Your course was, without qualification, the best industrial course I have taken in my 27 years in industry. It was informative, enjoyable, well paced, and most important of all; relevant and useful...You managed to pack a great deal of interesting and useful material in a short course while maintaining high levels of class interest and understanding."
Burt Masnick
Hazeltine Corporation
Greenlawn, New York

"We at Atmel would like to extend to you our gratitude...Your presentation was well received by all. Your thoughts and ideas on addressing the cost of poor quality was refreshing and presented us with several ideas from which we feel we can improve on...we look forward to calling on you for help with these activities in the near future."
Ecton Espenlaub
Atmel Corporation

"I was very impressed with your knowledge, preparedness, and the energy you brought to each and every one of us. I have since recommended the course to several people in my department. The Quality philosophy you bring to the classroom is one that makes sense for Abbott Diagnostics Division."
David Sean Sweeney
Statistical Analysis and Software Design
Abbott Laboratories

​Client Compliments


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